JUNE 13th 2019

Hello dear reader!

Work continues on the soundtrack to FioTactics, check out the most recent couple tracks:

I also recorded a piece recently using "symmetrical" scales. For you music nerds out there, see if you can hear what scales I used ;) 

More to come in the near future for FioTactics, as well as a recording of a piece I wrote recently called "Astray", for piano, bass clarinet, violin, and two voices. Stay tuned!


January 28th 2019

It's 2019! And that's exciting for a couple reasons. For one, this month marks the 10th anniversary of my band The JEM which we're pretty excited about. We've been writing lots of new material so there may be a fifth album in the works soon.

Here's another taste of our latest (fourth) album:

The other big news for 2019 is that I launched my podcast, Bards of Gaming!

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