MAY 8TH 2018

Well school's out, and here's what I've been up to musically.

I made a pretty bizarre ambient track, with some "clock-like" sounds derived from a Space Arp synth in Ableton.


After the Philip Glass piece I did, I also re-orchestrated a few others, namely:

Mars The Bringer of War by holst (from "the Planets" suite)

 Hear the original


La Cath├ędrale engloutie by Debussy (for synths)

Hear the original 


prelude v by ustvolskaya (Sampled kitchen sounds & acoustic bass)

Hear the original 


That's all for now! Check back to hear about progress on my ongoing game project titled The Battle of the Bards.


MARCH 24TH 2018

Greetings! This week I bring news on my final pastiche for my Capstone Project, a piece in the style of the Firelink Shrine theme from Dark Souls 3. The idea for this piece was to record exclusively live instruments (rather than just using MIDI in Ableton Live or in notation software), to give this last piece some extra "life", plus to bolster my experience by collaborating directly with real musicians. So thus far I've found both a cello player and a female vocalist who are on board, and I've written out how I'd like the pastiche to sound. Check out the score (there will be layered recordings for the multiple parts):

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