APRIL 12TH 2018

Here it is, my Dark Souls 3 pastiche in the style of Yuka Kitamura's Firelink Shrine piece:


I'm fairly happy with how this turned out! The cellist I was hoping for couldn't play in the end, so I ended up transposing the piece to A minor and enlisted the aid of my friend Ben Delaney for his violin skills, plus some cello samples mixed in with his performance (Ben's quite an accomplished composer himself, check out his SoundCloud here). Next I enlisted my friend Beowulf Bertrand for her captivating vocals, mixed in with some heavy reverb swells. 

I also recently reworked a Philip Glass piece for my Electronic Orchestration course. Check it out:

Here's the original Metamorphosis Two on piano. Next on the docket for that course is a synth cover of Debussy's Cath├ędrale Engloutie.

Though this project for my Music Capstone course is coming to a close, I'll still use this blog to document my compositional adventures, and to document the gradual development of my dream project: creating a musical board game and/or video game called "Battle of the Bards." Stay tuned for more on that. Thanks for reading! *mic drop*