September 19th 2017

Welcome to elijahfisch.com!

I started this website to show off my portfolio and to write about my musical endeavours, specifically for the Music Capstone course I'm currently taking at Concordia. A bit about myself. I was born in Regina, Saskatchewan and moved to Montreal in 1999. Music has always played a large role in my life. From with the folk and Scottish influences heard in Saskatchewan, to more formal training in Montreal at F.A.C.E. High School of Fine Arts, and subsequently the Concordia University Major in Music.


Over the years I’ve been involved with several bands and musical ensembles in a variety of genres. In the past couple years I’ve been focusing my efforts more on composition, undergoing Concordia’s Composition I, II, and III courses, of which I plan on continuing with IV, V, etc. I’m dedicated to pursuing a career in composition for the screen, that is to say to write the music for film, television, and video games. To that end, I’ve been making connections in those industries and building my portfolio, hence the creation of this site. Most recently I’ve had the great opportunity to compose for the upcoming virtual reality game Gravitas, by Enthusiast Games. Ultimately though, I would say the music project I hold the most dear is my alternative acoustic rock band The JEM.

So. For this Music Capstone course we all must choose a specific project which we will work on throughout these two semesters. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who had trouble pinpointing the right project idea. Though I’m still juggling around a couple of ideas, I’ve pretty much decided that my project will involve my band The JEM. We have yet to release a proper music video, so I’m leaning towards that being my project. Currently, we’re in studio recording our fourth record, with the recent addition of a fourth member, Alex on drums (previously we had only Jonah on djembe in terms of percussion). So my two main ideas for this project are the album itself, or the music video which will be to the tune of one of these newly recorded songs. There are pros and cons to both these project ideas, but for whichever I choose I will have a solid plan and outline ready for our next class on Monday September 25th. Stay tuned!