September 29th 2017

This past Monday we all presented our project outlines for the Music Capstone class, and there were so many great ideas! I was honestly quite torn on what to choose for my project, right up to the bitter end. Like I mentioned in my previous entry, I was strongly considering a project based around my band. But after much reflection, I decided to focus my efforts on building my composer portfolio. Regardless of this class, I know launching my band's new album will be a great experience, and I know we'll pool our efforts to make a cool music video. But in the end, I'd like to take this Music Capstone opportunity to take the next big step forward as I pursue a career composing for film, TV, and games. That is to say to diversify my work and experience as a composer, and to improve on this website to build a professional-level composer profile online with the intent of making myself more appealing to new media creators. The project will culminate in a "demo reel" of sorts that will highlight the new diversity of my work.


I wrote this about a year ago:


I managed to check off a few of them, but not nearly as many as I'd like. This list will form the basis for my composition agenda, with the addition of ample reference material, and a list of composer pastiches. One by one, I plan on dedicating two weeks to tackle each film style/genre/pastiche, then reassess the process at November's end. So I should have four varied pieces by then. For pastiches, the process will include a close and documented analysis of a piece or movement by one of my favourite composers. To identify its various elements so I can try making use of them. 

Here's what my schedule is looking like for October:

  • Establish composition agenda

  • Devote every two weeks to exploring and achieving new work in an unexplored style,

    genre, pastiche, or emotional cue (reassess this process after two months, end of


  • Scrutinize distinguished composers' online profiles, identify desirable elements

  • Reach out to directors, studios, and peers for collaboration and guidance

  • Identify upcoming industry events for networking

Looking forward to fulfilling this project! Here a pic of me at my home studio:

Thanks for reading! More updates to come.