December 12th 2017

Welcome back to the Elijah Fisch Music Capstone Blog Extravaganza!

After much thorough listening and analyzing of Howard Shore’s Fellowship of the Ring score, I finally have three pastiches that I’m fairly happy with for now. I struggled with doing these tracks justice, The Lord of the Rings soundtrack being my favourite of all time. I found it hard to mimic through MIDI the emotion of such a fantastic score that was recorded %100 acoustically. As you’ll hear the brass in the Isengard pastiche doesn’t really “pack a punch” at all in the same way the original does.


Because of my dissatisfaction with the MIDI here, I’d like to incorporate some live brass, string, and vocal recordings into these pastiches before they make their appearance in the final demo reel of this project. Thus I'm still considering these tracks as works in progress. I have a couple friends in mind who are willing to lend their talents for trumpet and for singing, so the next step is to find a willing string player. Adding these live instruments into these pastiches will also help me brush up on my recording and mixing chops. 

Without further ado, here are the three pastiches for the Fellowship of the Ring.


Isengard theme:

(Hear the original here, at timestamp 1:36)


Fellowship theme:

(Hear the original here, at timestamp 2:28) 


Shire theme:

(Hear the original here

Thanks for reading & listening, stay tuned for my next composition task: chip-tune classic video game motif.