December 31st 2017

Bonjour dear reader! To finish off the year is my fourth composition task, a chip-tune motif in the style of the first generation of video games. I'm fascinated by this era; video game culture was only just beginning to bloom, and was still very much a niche until the 2000s. During this early stage of video games, game composers were severely limited by the available technology. Yet these constraints forced composers to be creative within them, having to focus on making compelling melodies, rhythms and chord progressions, without needing to worry about heavy-duty sound production. Composers like Nobuo Uematsu were incredibly successfully in that pursuit. For me, it was Nobuo's music for Final Fantasy IV that had an enormous impact on me growing up, I feel that those melodies will be in my veins forever.


Besides listening back on several Final Fantasy soundtracks, after asking some friends for suggestions I also listened to soundtracks from Megaman, Castlevania, Dragon Quest, Mario Bros, and Undertale (this last one is from 2015 but in the same classic style).

So for my chip-tune motif, I decided to do a similar thing to my horror motif, in that I explored three ideas from a fictional fantasy video game. The first two especially were heavily inspired by Nobuo's Final Fantasy IV soundtrack.

A Fantasy Town Theme


A Battle Theme


An End Credits Theme


That's all for now! Up next for January 2018 will be an assortment of musical cues such as Lovers Kiss, Villain Triumphs, Chase scene, etc. 

 Happy New Year!