Welcome back! Posting a brief update of the timeline for this Music Capstone project, which will culminate in a musical demo reel for this site that will be posted by April. For the rest of February I'll be focusing on finishing the Harry Potter pastiche, and I'll upload it here in a blog post by the end of the month.

For March, I'd like to compose one final piece for the demo reel, plus allot time to putting some finishing touches on the website. In my original agenda I had written Spy Film motif for the final piece, and I may still do that in the future, but ultimately for this project I feel I should end on something that truly inspires me. So I'm thinking of composing a piece labeled "Epic Fantasy," inspired by pieces from one of my favourite video game's soundtracks, the Dark Souls III OST.


The game's original score was primarily composed by Yuka Kitamura, with additional music by Motoi Sakuraba. There are two pieces that particularly resonate with me, perhaps because they are heard the most (the "hub" area music & the main menu screen music). 


This Firelink Shrine music calls to me. To me it speaks of things forlorn, things that are lost, ancient, and unknown, all very in line the themes of the game.


This menu music really does it for me in the "Epic Fantasy" soundscape. It's so grandiose, and I find it accurately conveys the weight of the journey the player is embarking on; epic, stunning, challenging and at times even grueling, but ultimately incredibly rewarding.

Really I just want to listen to and analyze these tracks closely and thoroughly. I'll do a critical analysis and post my "findings" here on the blog. I can see making a pastiche of the Main Menu theme using notation software, but the MIDI sounds really can't emulate its majesty. So for March I think I'll focus on a piece in the smaller scale, more forlorn Firelink Shrine style, and try to find and record at least one live string player.  On the topic of recording live instruments, I still intend to add live trumpet to my Isengard Lord of the Rings pastiche, I have a friend who has agreed so I'll just need to set aside time in early March to add that into the mix.

Otherwise for March, I'd like to update and refine my website here with a couple things; new professional-looking photos of myself on my variety of instruments (piano, acoustic bass, mandolin, smallpipes) for the front page, and a new layout and presentation for my music rather than just embedding plain SoundCloud tracks. Once my final piece is finished and I'm done adding live instrument(s) to my tracks, I'll splice together the demo reel with some crossfades, highlighting the diversity of my work, then I'll throw it on the front page. So that's the plan for the rest of this project, and then ever onwards! Always to find discover new challenges and explore unfamiliar soundscapes.

Thanks for reading.