Welcome back! It's the end of the month, and thus what follows are the cues I have mustered for this task on my composition agenda.

Cue #1-Whimsical Mystery: 


Cue #2-Lost Companion: 


Cue #3-Villain Theme:


Cue #4-Space Chase (from my last post):


I was commissioned this month by the Escape Game I work for (Question Games) to write music for their TV commercial, resulting in

Cue #5-Race Against Time:

(I did not make the drums for this one, they are from a royalty-free library).


That's all for now, thanks for reading and for listening!

My next composition task will be another pastiche, this time in the style of the Harry Potter theme composed by the eminent John Williams. Very excited for this one! I'll do some close reading of the theme in its various forms and post a sketch of the pastiche. Stay tuned!