• Composer / Arranger

 FioTactics is an MMORPG being developed for browsers and smartphones, inspired by the classic Final Fantasy Tactics series.



Question Games

  • Game Master
  • Game Designer
  • Audio Lead

Question Games is one of Montreal's leading Escape Rooms, currently developing their fourth and biggest game: "Mission Mason". 


The Great Mousecapade 

  • Composer
  • Sound Design

The Great Mousecapade is a 2 player local co-op platformer game. Players take control of either "Thumb" or "Eyes", two lab mice breaking out of a research laboratory. Developed by Matthew FerreiraVan Tran & Steven Ramos.



  • Community Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Art Producer

GalaCollider is a hybrid 4X-strategy deckbuilding game set in space, being developed by NeoCrux Ltd.




  • Music Contributor

Neverbound is a Virtual Reality gravity-shifting first-person shooter / puzzle hybrid, being developed by Enthusiast Games. Currently in early access on Steam.


Battle Of The Bards 


  • Game Designer
  • Composer

Battle of the Bards is a music-based fighting game with RPG elements, in early development.